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If you have ever seen The Perrys in concert, you have undoubtedly sensed the power and conviction with which they sing. From the high-octane, hand-clapping hit, "I Wish I Could Have Been There," to the anointed anthem, "If You Knew Him," the Dove Award-winning group has been delivering soul-stirring performances across North America for nearly five decades. Their sound, unmistakable. Their calling, unarguable. Their performances, unforgettable. Their joy, unspeakable.

The Perrys—Libbi Perry Stuffle, Jared Stuffle, Dayton Gay, and Jason Gordon—have forged a deep sense of unity. This is due, in part, to the fires through which they have walked over the last few years. After battling a longterm illness, Tracy Stuffle, Libbi's husband and Perrys' esteemed bass singer, passed away on February 4, 2018. With unparalleled determination, Libbi and her beloved group have continued to heed the call to carry the Gospel to the multitudes.

Loved by gospel music fans around the world, The Perrys have earned many accolades over their illustrious career. In addition to their Dove Award for Song of the Year and countless Dove nominations, they have garnered numerous #1 songs and 15 Singing News Fan Awards, including the 3-time Favorite Mixed Group honor, 2-time Song of the Year, Favorite Album, as well as Libbi being named both a 2-time Female Vocalist of the Year and 9-time Favorite Alto of the Year.

A career spanning fifty three years, their commitment to the calling of God upon their lives has never been greater. "Now, more than ever," says Libbi, "we want to share the good news of Jesus Christ in song." The Perrys are looking toward the future with great expectation. One cannot help but be affected by their story of tragedy and triumph. The Perrys are living proof that God can work all things both for our good and for His glory. "Yes, life is tough," Libbi shares, "and we all have battles—some we win and some we lose—but we can choose joy."

In the book of Nehemiah, we read that the joy of the Lord is our strength. The Perrys are living proof of this promise, and they are stepping into this new season of ministry still declaring God's faithfulness, still proclaiming His praises, and still choosing joy.

The Perrys | Libbi Stuffle

Libbi Stuffle

I am just plain and simple, nothing fancy! I love Jesus!

About me won't impress you much at all. I was married 30 years to Tracy Stuffle who sang bass for The Perrys. He passed away Feb 4, 2018. I was his caregiver the last 5 years of his life. It was an honor!!

I have a son, Jared Kyle who is married to a gorgeous young lady, Lindsey. I have two fur babies, Covey and Lilibet, and two more that live with their brother, Jared and they are Oreo and Grimes.

I am the middle of six children. I started singing with my older siblings, Debra and Randy on Christmas Day, 1970 after the passing of my old brother, Johnny Perry age 13 years old. We sang locally within a 100 miles from home. On June 5, 1982 our youngest brother, George Perry age 13 years old passed away from a drowning accident. The Perrys felt led after that tragedy that we had a story to tell. The Perrys went full time in 1982. I started out singing soprano and then over the years switched down to alto.

Tracy Stuffle joined the group in 1986 singing the bass. November 28, 1987 we were married. Over the course of our marriage we had two babies that passed away, Angel and George Logan.

In 1994, The Perrys went through changes as the older siblings left the road to take care of their families and go into evangelism. The ownership and leadership of the group was passed down to Tracy and I for the duration of the group. In 2013, Tracy suffered a massive stroke that left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. 2014 Tracy was able to come back to the group and sing with the help of his son, Jared. Also, Troy Peach and Andrew Goldman were vital in also making sure Tracy was able to be on the bus doing what he felt God still wanted him to do and that was SING. He sang up until his passing, January 2018.

After Tracy’s passing, I found myself in the sole leadership role with the group. I wondered if I was gonna be able to do my role and the role that Tracy did for years. To say it’s been overwhelming is an understatement! Proverbs 3:5-6 has been my verse to stand on in times of doubt, discouragement, changes, bus issues, and just everyday stuff that happens. God has always proven faithful to The Perrys and myself over the past 50 plus years of singing. Is it easy being the one who makes all the decisions, makes sure the bus is taken care of, making the other people in the group feel like family? No, but I’m learning everyday that God will help me and take care of me as long as I seek Him first and his righteousness! I love the calling that He’s placed on my life! That calling does not require me to be on a stage or ride on a bus, it just requires me to show up and be available to His will for my life. It may be a ball field, cow pasture, auditorium, coliseum, cruise ship, a flat bed trailer or where ever the call calls for. I love telling people about Him, his mercy, grace and redemption. My desire is to make heaven crowded! I don’t want anyone left behind!

When I’m not singing and working on dates, I love Montana, the beach, traveling, fishing, swimming, camping or anything outdoors!!! Do I get to do any of those things a lot? NO, but when I do, I’m in a peaceful state of mind! I love music, most all genres. I REALLY love CHRISTMAS!!!

My favorite singers/musicians/music: Kenny Hinson, Loren Harris, Debra Talley, Vestal Goodman and Dottie Rambo, Anthony Burger, Matthew Holt, Casting Crowns, Leanne Crawford and Cee Cee Winans. These are just a few of my favorites, I love so, so, so many more! Love Jazz, Easy listening, Big Band, Bluegrass and Gospel (of course)!

Favorite Song: Tell Me the Story of Jesus, and Angel Band
Favorite Flower: Purple Iris, Black Iris
Favorite Color: Black, Purple & Yellow
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere secluded! MONTANA! Beach and NYC
Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 41:10 & Romans 8:18
Favorite Car: Old trucks!
Favorite States: Montana, and Arizona. Maybe Alaska if I ever get to go there! BUCKET LIST!
Favorite Sports: HOCKEY / NASHVILLE PREDATORS!! Then football, GO GA BULLDOGS!! Nascar
Favorite City: New York City

The Perrys | Jared Stuffle

Jared Stuffle

Jared Stuffle’s journey in the world of Southern gospel began practically at birth, as he joined the family group's travels when he was just two weeks old, He began singing with the group nearly 10 years ago helping fill his fathers roll on stage and has continued on since his passing in 2018. Beyond his music career, Jared's heart finds its melody in his marriage to the lovely Lindsey. They've cherished each other's company for over seven years, nurturing a partnership filled with love and faith. In the midst of their harmonious life together, Jared and Lindsey share their home with three Poodles: Oreo, Grimes, and Dolly. These four-legged friends add a delightful rhythm to their everyday lives. In his off time Jared and his wife Lindsey enjoy watching their favorite NHL team the Nashville Predators and rooting on their favorite NASCAR driver Chase Elliott along with working on their at home business, J+L Living. Jared Stuffle's story is one of unwavering love for Christ, deep family roots in gospel music and loving marriage with Lindsey.

The Perrys | Jason Gordon

Jason Gordon

Jason grew up as a preacher's kid in Charlotte, NC, where his dad pastored Plaza Road Baptist Church. At an early age at this church is where Jason felt God tug at his heart, which led him to accept Christ as his personal Savior. In later years, he felt God calling to him once again.  He felt like God was calling him to sing, and the dream was born. At age 18, this dream came to fruition when The Gospelaires of Mooresville, NC, asked him to sing with them. The Gospelaires would help mold his talent for the next 21 years. He sang with Tim Greene and The Greenes for a short time during those 21 years, which showed Jason what full-time life on the road would be like. Jason had a new dream to continue singing full-time for the Lord. In 2022, he would get his chance when The Blackwood Quartet would ask him to join their group. He traveled for a year with Mark and the guys when he decided to join The Perrys. You can now find him at a Perrys event or on his YouTube channel, Good Life on the Road, or even hear him on a podcast, Backstage Pass with Tony and Jason.

The Perrys | Dayton Gay

Dayton Gay

Dayton grew up in a Christian home and has sang in church for most of his life. He first traveled and sang with his mom and aunt in their local group, Faith’s Crossing, from the age of 7 to 17. He surrendered to God’s leading to ministry at Bill Rice Ranch church camp as a teenager but wasn’t sure yet in what aspect of ministry God wanted him to serve. As he began looking into college he also began praying about what God’s Will for his life was and God made it clear that He wanted Dayton to sing. It was at this time that Dayton attended a Renaissance Choir/Quartet concert. (“Renaissance” is the name of the Performing Arts program of Bethel University in McKenzie TN.) It was at this concert that Dayton had the opportunity to talk with Matthew Holt (Director of the Renaissance Program, former piano player for The Perrys and current piano player for the Gaither Vocal Band) and asked if he could sing for him. Matthew obliged and little did Dayton know that Matthew would offer him a scholarship to sing lead in the school’s quartet. Dayton sang with the Renaissance Quartet from 2018 through 2020 and it was through this connection with Matthew that Dayton was offered an audition by Libbi for the Perrys. Dayton filled in with the group for a little over a year and was truly grateful for the opportunity and exposure and experience. It was also during this time that Dayton married his wife, Katie. They served on the road with Katie’s family’s group, the Barnetts before coming off of the road to serve full time in many different aspects at their home church. In 2023, when the former lead singer left the group, Libbi called Dayton back and he gladly accepted the offer. Dayton counts it a privilege and an honor to serve with The Perrys and is truly humbled by the opportunity.

The Perrys | I Think I'll Just Go On



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